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We are pleased to welcome you to the International Interdenominational Christian fellowship of brothers and sisters who are not married called "Shirje Krug" (Widening the circle of friends)! The idea of creating this ministry came about because, as we have noticed, many Christians, especially those who actively participate in the life of the Church haven’t been able to create a family for many years. There are ministries for youth, children, families and others, however single Christians seem to be forgotten in churches. Nevertheless although this category of people also needs guidance, teaching, corporate prayer, fellowship and just an opportunity to spend their time in an interesting way. Therefore, in October 2012 we created International and interdenominational Christian fellowship for singles, which was done with the help of "the New life" Church, Kiev, Ukraine (

We organize and hold the events where the participants can study Biblical principles of family relationships, get answers to questions, are able to grow spiritually, meet other believers and communicate, spend their free time in an interesting way, make new friends, and perhaps meet the one that God has prepared for them to start a happy family. Our guests are single Christians over 25 from different countries, churches and denominations. They take part at such events as seminars, conferences, parties, sporting events, excursions, leisure in summer and winter. .

The overall number of participants exceeds 1000 people. Many of them have developed firm friendship over these years, some of them are happily married already. So if you are ready to not just meet the "right" life partner, but to become one yourself, if you want to know more about Christian perspective on marriage, if you are open to change and dream of filling your life with bright colors - join us! Our groups VK, Facebook and channel Youtube

Then the LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone..." (Gen.2:18).
Is it in tune with your heart as well? Are you ready to change your life drastically?
Then see you soon! "SHIRE KRUG" of friends


The leader of the "SHIRE KRUG" ministry Irina Gordienko

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